Floratherapy is a form of therapeutic horticulture that incorporates wellness with plants & flowers, and their natural therapeutic properties. Our Florathérapie™ workshops take this concept, and blend it with mindfulness and stress relieving methods, all while helping people create beautiful floral and garden designs. Our passion is to connect people with nature, and help them to stop and enjoy the flowers. Our Florathérapie™ workshops and day retreats can be tailored to a variety of groups and situations. Please visit our blog for upcoming events!

While teaching therapeutic horticulture, I’m currently working on becoming a registered professional Horticultural Therapist through the American Horticultural Therapy Association. Horticultural Therapists also help people in clinical settings such as children’s hospitals, nursing homes, mental health and rehabilitation facilities as well as other places of healthcare. Horticultural therapy using gardening, plants and flowers can help so many, and I’m excited to incorporate this vision in Florathérapie™! To read more about Horticultural Therapy, see this article:





photo by Vienna Glenn